God is real and He still heals people today!

Everywhere that Jesus went people were healed, delivered and set free. Brett Lindner Ministries is dedicated to see the same things happen today all over the world. Everywhere we go, people are miraculously healed from incurable diseases, set free from crippling pain and released in their emotions. Most importantly, they have a life-changing encounter with the God of Heaven who loves them so deeply.

Another important part of Brett Lindner Ministries is the training, equipping and empowering of church leaders and their teams to minister in the supernatural and to see God move in their midst just like He did in the Book of Acts.

Visit our TESTIMONIES page for amazing stories of God's healing power working in people's lives today, or check our ITINERARY for where we will be ministering in coming months.

What others are Saying...

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Ps Phil Pringle
Founding Pastor, C3 Church International
Ps Barry & Linda Farmillo
C3 North Shore, NZ
Ps Phil & Norma Cayzer
‚ÄčTurning Point Church (CRC), Vic
Ps Roger & Karen Beard
C3 Great Lakes, NSW
Ps Graeme & Fran Bell
‚ÄčOasis Church (ACC), NSW

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